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Class Times


Mondays: (19h00 - 20h00) - Intermediate

Tuesdays: (18h00 - 19h00) - Novice

                   (19h00 - 20h00) - Newcomer/Beginner

Wednesdays: (10h00 - 11h00) - Newcomer/Beginner

                        (17h00 - 18h00) - Newcomer/Beginner

                        (18h00 - 19h00) - Novice

                        (19h00 - 20h00) - Newcomer/Beginner

Thursdays: (10h00- 11h00) - Newcomer/Beginner

                     (18h00- 19h00) - Newcomer/Beginner

                     (19h00 - 20h00) - Intermediate

Fridays: (18h00 - 19h00) - Advanced

Saturdays: (10h00 - 11h00) - Newcomer/ Beginner


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From the beloved chicken dance to the infamous cha-cha slide, you’re never too young or too old to start dancing. Dancing can be a great source of joy, exercise, and artistic expression. In addition to these benefits, dance comes in so many forms! Here are our top reasons why dance should be the next activity your whole family takes part in.


Weight Loss, Fitness, Exercise, Self-Confidence, Develops Flexibility, Breaks Isolation, Improve movement, Improve Balance, Invokes Imagery, Relieve Stress & Meet new people

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